Poolbeg Lighthouse
South Wall, Poolbeg, Dublin
Perched on the Great South Wall

Located in Dublin Bay, Poolbeg Lighthouse was built in 1768 and is thought to be the first lighthouse in the world to operate on candlepower, although it later converted to oil in 1786.

Historically, Ordinance Survey Ireland used the low water mark of the spring tide on 8 April 1837 as the standard height for all its maps, a practice that continued until 1958.

If you are looking for a beautiful walk by the sea with stunning views, why not try the Great South Wall walk out to Poolbeg Lighthouse and back (approx 40 minutes to there and back).  Free parking is available at the end of Pigeon House road.

Open: Open year round.


Public Transport

By Bus: Take bus numbers 1 or 47

Contact Information

Address:South Wall, Poolbeg, Dublin


GPS Coordinates & MAP

53.3421, -6.1513